Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center (SPICE) Organizes Ultrafast Spintronics Workshop


Ultrafast spintronics not only uses the electric charge of electrons to present and process information but also their magnetic moment. As spins can be manipulated using a femtosecond laser, they offer an alternative and energy-efficient approach to magnetic storage that also works on an ultrafast time scale.

Experts from different specialist areas will come together in Mainz from 23-26 October 2018 at the SPICE Workshop "Ultrafast Spintronics: from Fundamentals to Technology", to discuss current developments, examine the challenges ahead, and work together to develop new approaches and solutions.

Prof. Yuriy Mokrousov from PGI-1/IAS-1 and JGU Mainz is one of the organizers of the workshop.

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Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center (SPICE)

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