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Charge Transport through Nanostructures

We perform nanoscale resistance mapping along freestanding (“as grown”) GaAs nanowires with a diameter of ~100 nm. From the resistance profile information about the dopant incorporation in the nanowires is obtained. In the STM based approach of nano-contacting, four-point measurements can be performed not only in one signle configuration, as it is the case for the ligthographic approach, but many configurations can be measured by moving the tips along the nanowire. More: Charge Transport through Nanostructures …

4 tip stm 2

Multi-tip SPM Instrument Development

Since microelectronics evolves into nanoelectronics, it is essential to perform electronic transport measurements at the nanoscale. Our approach for the contacting of nanostructures is to use the tips of a multi-tip scanning probe microscope, in analogy to the test leads of a multimeter used at the macroscale. We designed an ultra-compact multi-tip STM with is our “multimeter at the nanoscale”. More: Multi-tip SPM Instrument Development …


Ultra-small nanocrystals

Nanoparticles and quantum dots are of great interest due to their optical, electronic and structural properties which are dominated by quantization effects. For ultra-small particles (< 5 nm) a precise structural characterization is very difficult. We utilize x-ray diffraction at synchrotron sources combined with a novel data analysis method for powder-diffraction data to investigate size, shape, structure (including impurities and stacking faults) stress, relaxation effects, etc. Also ensemble properties like size distributions can be analysed.Appl. Phys. A 85 (4), 337 (2006) More: Ultra-small nanocrystals …