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Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces (PGI-3)

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Topological Insulators
Topological insulators: shedding light on parallel transport channels
Multi-tip STM is used to reveal detailed transport properties of thin films of the promising topological insulator (TI) material BiSbTe3. To study the electronic and transport properties of BiSbTe3 films, scientists from the PGI-3, PGI-6, and PGI-9 institutes at Forschungszentrum Jülich combined angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and gated four-tip scanning tunneling microscopy was conducted, gaining access to a comprehensive picture of the transport.
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Nature Stand-up-Molekül
"Nature": Tricky Feat with Stand-Up Molecule
Jülich, 27 June 2018 – Scientists from Forschungszentrum Jülich have achieved a new level of precision working with single molecules. They succeeded in placing an ultrathin molecule in an upright position on a flat layer of silver atoms – and the molecule remained standing instead of reverting to its naturally favoured position. The artificial structure described in Nature illustrates the potential of novel molecular fabrication methods.
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14. JARA-FIT Nanoelektronik-Praktikum
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Diamond Aerial

Synchrotron Research

In addition to our laboratory-based research, we engage in manifold synchrotron activities. More: Synchrotron Research …

STM 048

Ultra-Low Vibration STM Laboratory

For high precision scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM), we have designed two rooms which are shielded against sound, vibrations and electromagnetic radiation. More: Ultra-Low Vibration STM Laboratory …


ERC StG group of C. Wagner

We are home to the ERC-funded research group of Christian Wagner which strives to enable controlled mechanical manipulation of molecules with an SPM.Group Page of C.Wagner at PGI-3 More: ERC StG group of C. Wagner …