Virtual tutoring and learning support services during Corona

Homeschooling during the pandemic poses a great challenge for many families at the moment. Both children and parents often wish for assistance and a contact person to ask questions or review learning material.

The following offers are mostly in German, especially links to learning materials.

However, with many providers of online homework support and tutoring, there is often the possibility that English can be integrated. If you would like to use these services in English, please contact the providers yourself.

Homework supervision and tutoring

The BfC has compiled various offers for tutoring and learning support and will be happy to advise you individually on your personal situation.




Recommended Age

Notfallmamas - daily homework supervision

A nice addition to classic tutoring can be online homework supervision. If desired, this can take place daily in a group of 5 children.
Registration is also possible for individual lessons.

14,50€/ 60 min
(This will be done when the order is placed.)

4 years and older


With this provider, students support your child in every grade, on a voluntary basis. Registration is quick and uncomplicated. Here, the subjects and the class are selected. Then a suitable tutor is found and forwarded to you as an email contact. Finally, you make an appointment and specify the planned tutoring content. You also discuss the app to be used with the tutor.




This provider offers you a similar way of registration as the one mentioned above. Upon consultation, a free trial lesson is offered.
They always try to assign the same teacher. However, a teacher change is possible. The waiting time is usually about one day.
A particularly good feature is the shared use of a virtual whiteboard. This way, the tutor and the child both see the same thing and can work with it in an exemplary way.

17,99€/ 45 min.
(no matter what subject or grade)

With the purchase of a 10-ticket 16,99€

40-ticket 15,99€

Weekly appointments starting at 72,99 euro/ month


The initiative emerged from the #wirvsvirus Hackathon of the German government and aims to leave no schoolchild behind. Schoolchildren can send their questions to/contact a nationwide network of certified tutors and receive low-threshold and qualified support.



In general, our family service is available for individual advice and will help you find the right offer for your family.

Curriculum / Core Curricula

Here you can get an overview of the educational standards & content areas for the individual school years and subjects in the respective federal state. To the eduserver

Supplementary learning materials

Learning materials are ideal for homework and preparation for exams. Many publishers offer workbooks or interactive exercises for the educational media used by the respective school. These can be ordered online. Below are some helpful links.



Recommended Age

Free practice sheets and class tests for many subjects to download. Solutions are included.


Free grammar & online exercises for English.

Not subdivided according to age or grades, but topics

Free explanations for maths, German & English lessons.

Grade 5-10

Free interactive exercises, sorted by school type, grade & subject.


Free online learning and exercise; main focus on German and English.

German: subdivided by subject,

English: grade 5-10

Learning videos

Educational videos can be a great help if children do not properly understand certain facts and to pique their interest in them.



Recommended Age

ARD Mediathek

As a result of the project "Learning at Home", there is a range of educational content on almost all subjects in the ARD Mediathek. This includes not only learning videos, but also episodes of educational shows.

All ages

alpha Lernen

Alpha Lernen is the learning portal of Bayerischer Rundfunk and offers free explanations and learning videos.



Studyfix advertises that complex learning content is explained so simple in learning videos that children can understand it in five minutes.

Division according to subjects. Rather for older children from the age of 12 years and older.

Last Modified: 31.05.2022