Mental Load

The stress that arises from the organisation of everyday tasks is called mental load.

What is Mental Load?

Planning children's birthdays, making shopping lists, making doctor's appointments for parents in need of support, keeping track of all family members' appointments, or organizing homeschooling. The list can be extended by any number of 'invisible' tasks that are seldom specifically named, but which arise in droves in everyday family life, have to be considered, planned and done on the side.

This so-called mental load costs a lot of time and energy and is also often very unequally distributed. Usually, one person, predominantly female, bears the burden of responsibility for family work, while the partner offers to help. This is due to traditional role models that are reinforced by gender-specific toys, among other things.

Reducing mental load is a particular challenge for single or separated parents. Regardless of the individual family model, the burden of being responsible for everything can be so heavy that it can lead to burnout-like symptoms

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Last Modified: 31.05.2022