Advisory service

At Forschungszentrum Jülich, employees providing care (for family members) alongside their work can benefit from numerous measures to reconcile work and family life to the greatest possible extent.

In order to find individual reconciliation solutions, Margaretha Wirtz in the Equal Opportunities Bureau provides all employees with detailed advice on the following topics by telephone or in person by prior appointment:

  • Arranging short-term and regular childcare (daycare centre, daycare or babysitter)
  • Childcare during events or business trips
  • Virtual childcare options
  • School system in Germany
  • Detailed advice on the subject of parental allowance and parental leave
  • Advice on caring for relatives
  • Returning to work after a period of leave
  • Flexibilisation of working time & place (teleworking, mobile working, flexitime)


Margaretha Wirtz

Referentin für die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Sorgearbeit Spokesperson for reconciling work and care work

  • Equal Opportunities Bureau (BfC)
Building 04.7 /
Room 315
+49 2461/61-2624
Last Modified: 31.05.2022