New Work File System on JUGENE

In order to double the performance of the file system, the work file system $WORK on JUGENE will be replaced by a new one. Because of the huge amount of data and the enormous number of files that have to be transferred during this process, this complex task will be carried out in several steps. Besides the tasks that have to be done by JSC, we kindly ask our JUGENE users for their support as their active help will be needed. The migration phase will start on 13 September 2010 with some initial preparations. From 29 September, JUGENE users are asked to transfer their data to the new file system by 2 November 2010. For details, please read

(Contact: Supercomputer Helpdesk, ext. 2828)

from JSC News No. 188, September 2010

Last Modified: 17.09.2022