Quantum computing promises unprecedented potential for important computing tasks such as quantum simulations for materials and chemicals, optimization and machine learning. Optimization challenges comprise, among others, vehicle routing, power trading, supply chain network optimization, cancer radiation treatment scheduling, and optimizing target interactions for drug design. Optimization also lies at the heart of machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and data mining. Hence, quantum computing can considerably change science, industry, economy and our everyday life. The challenge for quantum computing is to develop prototype applications and use cases. A first step towards a solution is to integrate the quantum computers into a modular HPC environment to allow for hybrid quantum-classical computations, a prerequisite for any practical application. JUNIQ provides access to a quantum annealer, the 5000+ qubit Advantage system of D-Wave Systems Inc., and to software emulators of quantum computers on supercomputers. Access to other quantum computer systems of various technological maturity is planned.

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JUNIQ facility

Last Modified: 15.03.2024