Simulation and Data Labs

In response to the many challenges posed by Petascale and now Exascale computer architectures, the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) has introduced a special form of high-level support structure: the Simulation and Data Laboratory (SDL). Around ten such teams have been established at JSC specializing in various disciplines including Biology, Neuroscience, Molecular Systems, Plasma Physics, Earth Science, Quantum Materials Science, Fluid Dynamics and Astrophysics. Their purpose is to assist user groups in refactoring domain-specific computational & data-intensive applications in order to enhance performance efficiency and scalability at all concurrency levels on modern, heterogeneous architectures. This is made possible through a close cooperation with JSC’s applied informatics/computer science and numerical mathematics groups. Increasing complexities of applications also require attention to workflows which can effectively exploit modular supercomputers.

Last Modified: 11.12.2023