Video and web conferences via DFN

JSC provides the operational contact person for the DFN-Verein within the framework of the DFNconf service agreement.

The new DFNconf conference platform of the DFN-Verein has been in production since mid-October 2018. On the basis of new hardware and software, it offers users in the participating DFN facilities, including the staff of the Forschungszentrum Jülich, access to video and web conferences.

Instructions for meeting organizers and participants as well as technical information can be found on the newly designed DFN website ( There you will also find access to the organizer's login.

For employees who have already used the service on the old platform, there is some short important information:

  • In principle, the concept of the previous DFN video conferencing service was adopted. In particular, the addressing of meeting rooms has not changed significantly.
  • The old platform can still be used until further notice, but existing conference numbers can be migrated to the new platform by the organizer. The prerequisite for migration is that an administrator password has been set for the conference on the old system.
  • The service offers different accesses:

    • via a browser via a meeting URL,
    • via H.323/SIP (e.g. for room systems or VC clients)
    • by phone
    • via Skype for Business
    • In addition, web conferences can still be used with Adobe Connect.

  • Meeting rooms must first be created by the meeting organizers. Organizers have to authenticate themselves as FZJ employees at DFNconf using the mail credentials ( and password). Meeting rooms are described in the usual way by a sequence of numbers and are reusable.

  • Participation in meetings is also possible for guests at any time and without registration.

  • When creating a meeting room, a numerical organizer PIN must be specified. To start a meeting, a participant must enter this PIN as the host.

  • After registering as an organizer, you will find a text template for invitations to the meeting rooms. This contains the address details required for dialing in.

In the case of problems, meeting organizers can contact

Last Modified: 18.05.2022