Data projects

Data projects provide access to an extended set of storage resources. Whereas computing time projects have access to the file systems PROJECT and SCRATCH, data projects may have access to a selection of DATA, FASTDATA, ARCHIVE, OBJECTSTORE, and USERSOFTWARE. The purpose of each of these file systems is summarized in the storage FAQ as well as a fact sheet that any applicant for data projects should read before filing an application.

Even though data projects appear to be independent of compute projects, they are intended to be used for data that is still in active use. They are specifically not intended as a mere repository for data.


We employ a rolling call scheme for data projects, such that you can file an application at any time. The application will undergo a technical review, which we aim to complete within two weeks. The duration of a data project is always limited to one year, after which a prolongation is possible as long as the original conditions for eligibility remain.


Please refer to our support channel for additional questions that may not have been answered in the FAQ or fact sheet.

Last Modified: 02.04.2024