Carsten Karbach: Germany's Best MATSE Trainee

In the last JSC News, we mentioned that Carsten Karbach from JSC passed his MATSE examination with marks of 100 per cent and was doubly honoured for this outstanding result. In the "national best trainee ceremony" on 13 December 2010 in Berlin, he learnt that he is no less than the best MATSE trainee in Germany. During this event, the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, and the chairman of DIHK, Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Driftmann, congratulated him on his success. "I have not had a trainee like him in my 28 years as training manager," Paul Jansen of JSC proudly said. "It is great that he is going to stay at our institute". Carsten Karbach started studying for his master's degree in technomathematics in September and will work on the PTP project and further develop the monitoring tool LLview.

from JSC News No. 192, February 2011

Last Modified: 12.09.2022