International Workshop SMQS-IP2011

The "International Workshop on Simulation and Manipulation of Quantum Systems for Information Processing (SMQS-IP2011)" took place from 17 to 19 October 2011 at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. The goal of the workshop was to discuss methods to simulate and manipulate quantum systems for pure scientific and more applied purposes. More than 50 researchers from Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, the United States and Japan participated in the workshop. Recent developments in quantum annealing, open quantum systems, quantum computer hardware, optical lattices, equilibration and thermalization of quantum systems, quantum biology, and related topics were highlighted in talks and posters. Managing and designing complex quantum systems with specified behaviour for quantum information processing requires a deep understanding of the cooperative behaviour of their components. Unravelling this behaviour necessitates an intensive collaboration between theoreticians and experimenters. The workshop successfully presented an overview of the current research on various topics very closely and less closely related to quantum information processing. A similar workshop in 2012 is being considered.

(Contact: Prof. Kristel Michielsen)

from JSC News No. 199, 17 November 2011

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