Helmholtz Group Successfully Concluded

Six years after its inception at the beginning of 2006, the Helmholtz University Young Investigators Group "Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs" headed by Prof. Felix Wolf has been concluded.

Having published more than 60 scientific papers, received three publication awards, and acquired more than € 1 million in third-party funding on the way, the group is proud of its main result, the performance analysis tool Scalasca, which was developed in cooperation with the group headed by Dr. Bernd Mohr. Designed as a scalable version of its predecessor KOJAK, Scalasca is now installed at numerous sites worldwide and has been successfully used to optimize academic and industrial simulation codes. Many of the group members will continue to work at JSC, others followed Prof. Wolf to the German Research School for Simulation Sciences in Aachen. Scalasca, which is now jointly managed by the two organizations and funded through a whole array of new R&D projects, aspires to become part of an international exascale software stack.

Simultaneously with the Helmholtz Group, two of its spin-offs, the "Virtual Institute - High Productivity Supercomputing" and the BMBF project SILC were also concluded. The virtual institute is recognized in the HPC community not only for its technical contributions but also for its high-quality tools training program held in venues as well known as the annual SC conference in the US and as unusual as Chile and Saudi Arabia. Today it includes nine partners from Germany, France, and the US who are committed to supporting its mission with funding from alternative sources for the foreseeable future. SILC, finally, laid the foundation for a closer integration of Scalasca with other performance tools such as Vampir, TAU, and Periscope, which will all soon rest on the common measurement infrastructure Score-P developed in this project. A first version of Score-P was released in January.
(Contact: Prof. Dr. Felix Wolf)

from JSC News No. 201, 23 February 2012

Last Modified: 09.09.2022