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On 2 April 2012, JSC took over all remaining tasks previously assigned to the Central Institute for Electronics (ZEL) associated with the operation of the campus network JuNet. JSC is now solely responsible for its planning, deployment, and operation. Building and backbone cabling remains the remit of the technical infrastructure division Building and Property Management (G). Since the introduction of the structured, switch-based Ethernet infrastructure in 1999, JSC, ZEL, and G have jointly operated JuNet. While JSC was in charge of the planning, sourcing and monitoring of the campus network, ZEL's main responsibility was the operation of the switch hardware at the Jülich campus and the 10Base2 (Coax) infrastructure. In the first quarter of this year, the last 10Base2 network segments were decommissioned, and ZEL withdrew from JuNet operation. We wish to thank the ZEL network team led by Hans Stoff for many years of successful close collaboration.

The transition is largely transparent for users. The most noticeable change is that JSC's on-call network analyst can now be contacted at any time (24/7) using the phone number 6440. Furthermore, the use of the online system for requesting the connection of systems to JuNet, introduced in May 2010, is now mandatory (
(Contact: Dr. Frank Mohr,

from JSC News No. 204, 24 May 2012

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