International Workshop CQDC'12

The "International Workshop on Cooperative Quantum Dynamics and Its Control (CQDC’12)" will take place from 29 to 31 October 2012 at JSC. The goal of the workshop is to discuss the possibility of essentially new quantum phenomena, and observations/operations that would be required for their realization, detection, and understanding.

Quantum dynamics and novel quantum states in systems of many particles or spins, many of which had been beyond the reach of experimental realization, are now becoming more realistic due to recent advances in experimental techniques, such as the synthesis of molecular magnets, the nano-engineering of quantum dots, time-resolved measurements with ultra-short pulses, and optical lattices of cold atoms.

In addition, new numerical methods, such as the tensornetwork variational approximation, are making many previously hard problems now tractable. The talks, given by invited speakers only, will highlight recent developments in quantum annealing, open quantum systems, quantum computer hardware, optical lattices, equilibration and thermalization of quantum systems, tensor network simulations, and related topics. All participants are invited to present a poster in the poster session. More information can be found at
(Contact: Prof. Dr. Kristel Michielsen,

from JSC News No. 206, 13 July 2012

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