HD(CP)2 - A New Climate Science Project

At the start of October, JSC became a partner in the new BMBF project "High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for Climate Prediction" or "HD(CP)2" for short. Atmospheric clouds and precipitation are meso-scale phenomena which cannot be modelled explicitly on a global scale. Global climate simulations show significant biases in precipitation patterns which are related to insufficient parametrization of these processes. The HD(CP)2 project partners will develop a highly scalable regional weather model used to provide a series of ultra-high resolution summer-season hind-casts over Germany. Aiming for a horizontal grid spacing of approximately 100 metres, the new model will help to explore the grey scales or terra incognita of cloud and precipitation modelling. Combining these simulation results and observational data from networks and supersites all over Germany will help to improve cloud and precipitation parametrization and lead to better climate predictions in the future. The Simulation Laboratory "Climate Science" at JSC will contribute to software integration, parallelization, and optimization. The 45 partners involved in HD(CP)2 will receive funding of € 11 million for the first phase of the project.
(Contact: Dr. Lars Hoffmann, l.hoffmann@fz-juelich.de)

from JSC News No. 208, 30 October 2012

Last Modified: 09.09.2022