New Container Accommodation for JSC

JSC is bursting at the seams. In recent years, staff numbers have been steadily growing thanks to successful third-party and Helmholtz portfolio funding grants. In June, a landmark was reached when JSC welcomed its 200th employee. The offices in both JSC buildings are overcrowded, housing not only Jülich staff but also employees of hardware companies, e.g. those involved with the various Exascale Labs. Temporary relief is in sight, however: additional office space will be available from August when a two-storey container unit offering 70 workplaces is erected between the JSC building 16.3 and the Seecasino car park.
(Contact: Dr. Sabine Höfler-Thierfeldt,

from JSC News No. 214, 11 July 2013

Last Modified: 09.09.2022