Morris Riedel Appointed Adjunct Associated Professor at University of Iceland

In 2004, Morris Riedel started work at JSC in the research fields of computational steering and real-time data visualization within large distributed computing and data infrastructures. His activities since then have ranged from standardization and interoperability of data processing and management services up to application enabling activities of large geographically dispersed scientific communities. As of May 2013, Morris Riedel has been appointed Adjunct Associated Professor in high productivity processing of big data at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, retaining his position as a scientist at JSC. The cooperation includes lectures and supervising joint PhD students in topics related to efficient data processing and effective data management, including smart data analytics as well as applied machine learning and data mining approaches. In his new position, Prof. Riedel will strengthen this link by means of joint research projects and the development of solutions for scientific applications that face processing and management challenges of extremely large quantities of data.
JSC wishes Morris all the best in his new position!

from JSC News No. 214, 11 July 2013

Last Modified: 09.09.2022