Preparatory Access to Computing and Support Resources

JSC is offering a new way of accessing its computing and support resources. Besides submitting a full project proposal via the regular NIC/GCS and JARA-HPC/VSR calls, users may now apply for preparatory access, which includes a limited amount of computing time on JURECA or JUQUEEN for porting and testing purposes as well as support from the JSC Labs.

Analogous to similar schemes previously introduced within PRACE, JSC Preparatory Access aims to facilitate access to the Jülich supercomputers for researchers with computationally intensive scientific problems, but codes that still need to be made fit for HPC prior to a full proposal. Applications for preparatory access to JSC resources may be submitted twice a year before the start of the computing time periods on 1 November and 1 May, respectively. Applications will undergo a technical evaluation by JSC staff, who will assess the potential of the codes to benefit from HPC adaptation and tuning. If approved, users will receive a limited computing time budget along with expert assistance from one of the JSC Simulation Labs for a period of up to four months to improve the performance of their application and prepare a full project proposal.

Further details on the new JSC Preparatory Access scheme can be found at
The deadline for applications for the next computing time period is 30 October 2015.
(Contact: Prof. Paul Gibbon,

JSC News, 30 October 2015

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