Big Blue Gene Week

Massive parallelism will be a key quality for tomorrow’s supercomputers, and JSC is committed to supporting its users in order to make their applications as scalable as possible. Experiences with scalable applications on the Tier-0/1 parallel supercomputer JUQUEEN acquired through the Extreme Scaling Workshop series and the High-Q Club have encouraged us to maximize the capability of this system by large-scale simulations with big jobs.

In order to achieve this goal, JSC plans to schedule a Big Blue Gene Week on JUQUEEN from 14 to 20 June 2016. During this week, job scheduling will be modified so that only jobs with a minimum of four Blue Gene/Q racks, or 65,536 compute cores, will be allowed to run. Smaller jobs will be excluded from execution. This will allow better scheduling and quicker turnaround of jobs requiring four to 28 racks. All projects using JUQUEEN should consider this week in their planning.

Depending on how the Big Blue Gene Week is received by our users and whether there is demand to continue this activity, JSC will consider establishing periods favouring big jobs more frequently.Questions and support requests concerning the Big Blue Gene Week should be addressed to
(Contact: Wolfgang Frings,

JSC News, 19 April 2016

Last Modified: 12.08.2022