Collective Dynamics – a New Open Access Journal

The multidisciplinary journal Collective Dynamics focuses on research in the field of pedestrian dynamics, crowds, vehicular traffic and other systems of self-driven particles, such as molecular motors, animal groups or agents. For interdisciplinary research in these areas, it is often difficult to find the appropriate journal and the most suitable audience. Thus the journal aims to be a forum for all researchers working on traffic-like systems, ranging from physicists and computer scientists to psychologists. It welcomes work on fundamental (empirical as well as theoretical) research or concrete applications.

As a peer-reviewed journal, Collective Dynamics publishes scientific papers, systematic reviews and other educational articles, e.g. lecture notes. It is an open access journal free of charge and independent of a publishing company. Founded by Prof. Andreas Schadschneider from the University of Cologne and staff members of JSC, Collective Dynamics published the first two articles in March 2016. The homepage of the journal can be found at
(Contact: Prof. Armin Seyfried,

JSC News, 19 April 2016

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