EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure

JSC is one of fifteen European partners that recently founded the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (EUDAT CDI). The partners consist of European data centres and operators of community repositories. EUDAT CDI is a partnership agreement that evolved from the EUDAT2020 project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The goal of EUDAT CDI is to offer a long-term perspective beyond current project funding for managing scientific data, thus becoming a reliable infrastructure for scientific communities and researchers. EUDAT CDI was launched at the first EUDAT CDI Council meeting, which took place on 27 September 2016 in Krakow. At this meeting, three new partner applications for joining EUDAT CDI were accepted.

The infrastructure comprises generic or multi-domain data centres, such as JSC, and community-specific data centres. The infrastructure services are co-designed by community scientists and data service developers. EUDAT CDI offers tailored services for large research communities and generic services for small research groups and individual scientists. JSC currently operates the central user identification, a generic service for data synchronization and exchange, and community-specific services. More information on
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JSC News, No. 244, 11 October 2016

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