Big Blue Gene Week to Become a Regular Event

From 25-30 January, JSC offered the second "Big Blue Gene Week" on the JUQUEEN system. The event confirmed the additional value that can be generated by fully dedicating the highly parallel HPC infrastructure to applications that rely on capability computing. Similar to the first-ever Big Blue Gene Week, various scientific use-cases were covered which cannot be considered in terms of capacity computing. Examples include exascale-oriented numerical experiments on the NEST simulator in neuroscience, simulations of plasticity effects of binary steel alloys in materials science, and advanced multi-scale computations in atmospheric science.

Drawing on the experience of the past two events, JSC will move forward in providing these kinds of opportunities to its users. JSC aims to facilitate the proper use of its machines for projects which use highly scalable code. For this purpose, the level of code scalability will be given increased emphasis in the process of awarding computing time.

Users are encouraged to consider this perspective in their projects and to contact JSC for support. The next event of this kind is planned to take place around September 2017.
(Contact: Dr. Daniel Rohe,

JSC News No. 247, March 2017

Last Modified: 05.07.2022