GAMM Activity Group on CSE Held Workshop at JSC

Together with a long-standing tradition of research on computational mechanics, the fields of mathematical modelling, numerics and scientific computing are key topics of the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik e.V. (GAMM). They form the basis of modern computational science and engineering (CSE), requiring interdisciplinary and international research collaborations across traditional boundaries.

The 2017 workshop of the GAMM activity group on CSE took place on 19-20 October at JSC. 27 participants from 4 European countries discussed a broad range of CSE-related topics, with a special focus on “coupling” and multi-physics simulations. Finding strategies to efficiently couple models, methods and software to solve for the individual physics is a challenging task and a highly active field of research. In particular, with regard to upcoming exascale systems, the scalability of such coupled software solutions is the key to code sustainability and code applicability to solve even more complex multi-physics problems in the future.

This event was jointly organized by JSC, RWTH Aachen University Profile Area CompSE, and JARA-HPC. The partners will also support this distinguished GAMM activity group in the future. The next workshop is planned for summer 2018 at the University of Siegen. For more information on the recent event, visit
(Contact: Dr. Robert Speck,

JSC News No. 253, 30 November 2017

Last Modified: 05.08.2022