JSC Enables TSO Tennet to Push Power Grid Modelling to New Limits

In cooperation with Tennet, one of the four transmission system operators (TSO) in charge of Germany’s electricity transmission grids, experts from the cross-sectional team Application Optimisation at JSC conceptually designed a new parallel computing setup for the simulation of future grid adaptations. Over three years, the project included an evaluation of available options, a detailed proposal for a concrete setup, collaboration with an IT service provider to put this setup in place, and extensive support and training to initialize the every-day workflow. Furthermore, an individual software framework was developed at JSC which is tailored to the specific workflow of Tennet's simulation teams. As a result, Tennet staff can now use a heterogeneous cluster architecture from a common interface that provides transparent access to all necessary functions and data, with the complexity of the parallel architecture being hidden. Most importantly, the overall workflow was sped up substantially – up to a factor of 30 for certain tasks. The work was contracted by Tennet and is one of several activities at JSC in the area of energy systems modelling, which also includes scientific projects with partners inside and outside of Jülich, which are supported by national funding. For more information, visit press release of Forschungszentum Jülich.

Contact: Sebastian Lührs

from JSC News No. 260, 17 September 2018

Last Modified: 03.08.2022