New Usage Model on JSC Supercomputers

JSC will introduce a new usage model on the hosted supercomputer systems starting in November. The new model overcomes well-known obstacles in using the systems, such as the handling of several user accounts and the sharing of data between project members and even between different projects.

To achieve these goals, the new model is user-centred, i.e. each user will have only one account on the systems, via which all assigned projects can be accessed. Particular attention has been paid to data handling: user space is separated from project space, thus allowing all project members to work on the same data. An important step for future needs is also the introduction of data projects. A data project is not connected to a CPU budget like the known compute projects, but instead provides access to further storage layers. Data projects are independent of compute projects and allow data sharing between communities using different compute projects.

To get this model up and running, all users need a new single account on the systems. A significant amount of data movement is also required. These steps have already been started transparently for the users. Nevertheless, adaptions on the user side cannot be fully avoided. Therefore, it will be important for users to read our documentation at The maintenance to apply these changes will be announced separately.

Contact: Stefanie Janetzko,

from JSC News No. 260, 17 September 2018

Usage model on JSC supercomputers
Usage model on JSC supercomputers
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