New JSC Portal JuDoor

In order to provide users with a single interface for all available supercomputer services, JSC is introducing a new portal called JuDoor.

Starting in December, all users will have access to the portal and can manage their personal data as well as their accounts and project memberships via JuDoor. A big advantage is that account creation on a supercomputer system takes a matter of minutes. This is possible thanks to a fully online process involving the user and the project’s principle investigator (PI); paper forms will no longer be used. Please note that JuDoor will be the only way to create accounts on the JSC systems. PIs can manage their project members online themselves, and also have the option of assigning a project administrator (PA) who can manage accounts on their behalf. PAs can also be assigned directly in the portal.

The portal will be enhanced further over the next few months. For example, it is planned to provide a full overview of projects for PIs, including consumed resources and monthly reports. Documentation on JuDoor can be found at

Contact: Stefanie Janetzko,

from JSC News No. 261, 24 October 2018

Last Modified: 05.07.2022