NIC Excellence Project – November 2018

The NIC Peer Review Board regularly awards NIC Excellence Project status to outstanding simulation projects. At its October meeting, the board took the decision to honour Dr. Frank Lechermann (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hamburg) for his project “Competing Phases in Strongly Correlated Materials”. The project, which has been granted computing time on JUWELS, aims to investigate the complex interplay between atomic degrees of freedom. This is relevant to understanding the fundamental physical processes in condensed matter and materials with potential for technological applications. In particular, the project focuses on the challenging compounds of transition-metal elements with oxygen, in which there is strong competition between the free movement and the spatial localization of the charge carriers. For more details, please visit (in German).

Contact: Dr. Alexander Trautmann,

from JSC News No. 262, 29 November 2018

Last Modified: 05.07.2022