Early Access Programme for DEEP-EST Prototype

The Early Access Programme within the EU-funded DEEP-EST project provides academic and industrial users with opportunities to access and use the DEEP-EST prototype platform. Experienced HPC and data analytics or machine learning users are invited to port or benchmark applications and evaluate the DEEP-EST hardware and software architectures deployed on the DEEP-EST prototype platform through an application for Type1 – Selected Application Access or Type2 – Any Application Access. After the completion of each project, a brief final report is required to provide feedback. The DEEP-EST Early Access Programme call for proposals for Type1 Access and Type2 Access opened in January 2020. The single call for Type2 – Any Application Access will close on 28 February 2020, the open call for Type1 – Selected Application Access will close on 15 September 2020. Please find more information on https://www.deep-projects.eu/access.html. If you have questions or need support regarding the Early Access Programme, please contact access@deep-est.eu.

Contact: Dr. Estela Suarez, e.suarez@fz-juelich.de

from JSC News No. 269, 23 January 2020

Last Modified: 05.07.2022