Big Days on JUWELS

In the past, JSC successfully provided users with the option to run large jobs exclusively within a reserved time frame on the leadership-class system JUQUEEN – an offer known as “Big Weeks”. After the resolution in 2019 of initial problems affecting massively parallel jobs on its successor JUWELS, JSC now plans to continue this legacy, starting with regularly reserved days on JUWELS with exclusive access for large jobs – so-called “Big Days”.

Once the workflows are established, users will be able to profit to a greater extent from our state-of-the-art environment for massively parallel computing, including the upcoming JUWELS Booster Module. In the near future, the Big Days will lead to “Big Weeks”, an event series where a week is reserved for capability-size (large) jobs. Big Days and Big Weeks will provide an excellent opportunity for the execution of unique large-scale simulations and also aim to challenge the user community to enable their production workloads for higher levels of parallelism.

Both Big Days and Big Weeks are part of a wider initiative, our exascale application preparation services, which – amongst other activities – will also host the HPC Tunathon 2020, an optimization and scaling workshop on JUWELS CPUs and GPUs.

The first Big Day will take place on 10 March 2020, followed by another Big Day on 24 March. For more information on Big Days and Big Weeks, please refer to and
In case of questions, please contact the supercomputing support team at

Contact: Thomas Breuer,

from JSC News, No. 270, 13 March 2020

Last Modified: 05.07.2022