Martin Schultz Ranks among Highly Cited Researchers again

Dr. Martin Schultz from JSC ranks among the 6,167 Highly Cited Researchers of 2020, a list compiled every year by Clarivate Analytics. For this list, more than 10 million articles from around 11,000 journals are evaluated in 21 research fields. Researchers receive the accolade if they are among the top 1 % of most-cited authors in their field. In the case of Martin Schultz, the field was geosciences. Schultz has contributed to several major international assessments of tropospheric ozone and atmospheric aerosols. After featuring on the list in 2017, this was the second time he received this accolade.
JSC congratulates him on this recognition.

from JSC News No. 277, 9 December 2020

Last Modified: 05.07.2022