RISC2: EU and Latin America Coordinating HPC Research

Throughout the world, we are seeing that intense investments in HPC are essential to compete at a global level. In this context, coordination and capacity sharing between partner regions is crucial. The EU RISC2 project was launched on 1 January 2021 as a network to support the coordination of high-performance computing research between Europe and Latin America and to encourage greater cooperation between their research and industrial communities on HPC applications and infrastructure deployment. The project brings together eight key European HPC stakeholders (including Atos, BSC, CINECA, INRIA, and JSC) and the main HPC actors from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Chile. It is scheduled to run for a period of two years.

RISC2 will promote the exchange of best practices through meetings, workshops, and training sessions organized to coincide with major HPC events in Europe and Latin America. The main project deliverable will be a cooperation roadmap aimed at policymakers, the scientific community, and industry. The roadmap will identify key application areas, HPC infrastructure, and policy requirements, and explore ways for the activities established during the project to have a lasting impact. The training carried out during the project will provide a boost to Latin American HPC, while the structured interaction between researchers and policymakers in both regions will reinforce links and help define a coordinated policy and a clear roadmap for the future.

Within the RISC2 project, JSC will coordinate the work package on “Workshops, Training and Events”. The primary objectives of this work package are to exchange best practices, to organize events that raise awareness and allow for networking and capacity building, and to stimulate public/private inter-regional and bi-regional dialogue on the use of HPC through an active and constant communication flow between Europe and Latin America.

Contact: Dr. Bernd Mohr, b.mohr@fz-juelich.de

From JSC News No. 278, 30 January 2021

Last Modified: 05.07.2022