JSC Participates in EuroHPC Pilot Projects

Last year, the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) issued a call for proposals with two topics: “Advanced pilots towards the European exascale supercomputers” and “Pilot on quantum simulator”. Only three proposals in this call have now been chosen to be funded by EuroHPC and co-funded by the national entities of the partners involved as pilot projects: EUPILOT, EUPEX, and HPCQS. The Jülich Supercomputing Centre is proud to be a partner of all three projects and will also take on a leading role as coordinator of the HPCQS project.

While EUPILOT and EUPEX will integrate the two processor technologies built in the EPI project (accelerator and general purpose processor, respectively), HPCQS is devoted to the integration of a quantum computer into an HPC system. The experiences in these three pilots will be very valuable for the next-generation HPC and AI infrastructures in Europe. EUPILOT and HPCQS were launched on 1 December 2021 (see articles on EUPILOT and HPCQS), while EUPEX will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Last Modified: 05.07.2022