The conference ISC High Performance 2022 will take place from 29 May to 2 June 2022 in Hamburg, Germany (https://www.isc-hpc.com).

JSC, together with its partners in the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) – HLRS in Stuttgart and LRZ in Garching – will present its wide-ranging supercomputing activities at the GCS booth. Focus topics include the path to exascale with JSC's modular supercomputing architecture (MSA) concept; the steadily increasing importance of AI in HPC, reflected by developments such as the Helmholtz AI Cooperation Unit; and quantum computing technologies, where the growing Jülich UNified Infrastructure for Quantum computing (JUNIQ) will be presented.

JSC employees will also contribute to the event with numerous talks, tutorials, and workshops. For example, Andreas Herten is co-organizing the tutorial “Efficient Distributed GPU Programming for Exascale”; Markus Geimer will be a speaker at the tutorial “Practical Hybrid Parallel Application Performance Engineering”; Sebastian Achilles will present at the tutorial “Maintaining a Modern Scientific Software Stack Made Easy with EasyBuild”; Bernd Mohr and Morris Riedel are organizing the tutorial “Introduction to HPC Applications Systems, Programming Models and Machine Learning and Data Analytics”; Bernd Mohr will chair the Research Paper Session “Productivity Tools and Performance Modeling & Tuning”; Stefan Kesselheim will discuss “MLPerf: A Benchmark for Machine Learning” at a Bird-of-a-Feather session; and Estela Suarez is organizer of the workshop “Malleability Techniques Applications in High-Performance Computing”.

Detailed information on JSC’s participation and activities can be found at https://go.fzj.de/isc22.

Contact: Jens Henrik Göbbert

from JSC News No. 288, 29 April 2022

Last Modified: 05.07.2022