Funding programmes: developing Jülich technologies into innovations

An efficient approach to funding: These funding programmes link up with different phases of innovative projects and close the gap between the laboratory and the market.

Closing gaps: Funding between research and market

Finding solutions comes naturally to scientists. However, the constant challenge they face is finding the time and resources to secure funding and transform their concepts into market-ready innovations.

At FZ Jülich, we stand firmly behind scientists who aspire to bring their ideas to life and explore the real-world applications of their research. Our innovation management team plays a crucial role in aiding scientists in acquiring funding by refining funding applications and pitches.

Collaborating with FZ Jülich, Helmholtz, the federal government, and the EU, we actively promote knowledge and technology transfer. This involves bridging the gap between research and the market through customized funding programs tailored to diverse project objectives and phases. Our Innovation Management team is committed to streamlining this process and nurturing innovation within the scientific community.

Helmholtz funding programmes for transfer

Helmholtz Enterprise

This programme, which consists of two independent modules, supports spin-off projects within the Helmholtz Association.

The Field Study Fellowship provides funding for personnel and material costs for market research.

The Spin-off Programme enables the establishment of start-up teams and start-up skills.

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Proof-of-Concept Initiative

The Proof-of-Concept Initiative is designed to help transfer preclinical research into clinical development more efficiently.

Experienced project managers drive promising preclinical and clinical development projects forward with the goal of achieving clinical proof of concept more quickly.

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Helmholtz Innovation Labs

The Helmholtz Innovation Labs are a place for scientific expertise and the needs of industry to meet.

Science and industry are brought together through a new physical interface in long-term development projects. This interface allows for collaboration and knowledge exchange between these two sectors, fostering innovation and the application of research findings in practical settings.

Helmholtz Innovation Labs

Innovation FUnd at FZ JÜlich

Streamlined financing solutions for knowledge and technology transfer at FZ Jülich

Navigating the journey of advancing an invention or groundbreaking idea frequently involves securing supplementary funding.

Whether it's supporting market studies, interim financing, kickstarting startups, driving product developments, or launching marketing campaigns, financing is pivotal.

FZ Jülich's Innovation Fund tailors financing for optimal efficiency in innovative projects

The Innovation Fund at FZ Jülich is meticulously crafted to align with the unique requirements and stages of each innovative and transfer-oriented project.

This tailored approach ensures efficiency, keeping the processes nimble and granting our scientists ample time to focus on their research.

Further information about specific funding instruments, eligibility criteria, and the application process for the Innovation Fund is available to FZ Jülich employees on the intranet.

Last Modified: 13.03.2024