Centrifuge 5417 R


Centrifuge 5417 R is a refrigerated bench-top centrifuge. In the device, Eppendorf Micro Test Tubes can be centrifuged at 20,800 rcf (14,000 rpm). It is possible to attain an rcf of up to 25,000 using a special 24-position rotor. For special applications, a swing-bucket rotor is available with 8 positions for centrifuging Eppendorf Micro Test Tubes at a maximum rotational speed of 10,500 rpm (11,700 rcf). PCR tubes can be centrifuged in a rotor which can accommodate six 8-tube strips.

Power supply230V/50Hz or 60Hz
120V/50Hz or 60Hz
100V/50Hz or 60Hz
See identification plate
Power requirementCentrifuge 400W; Compressor 300W
Max. rotational speed16400 rpm
Max. centrifugal force25000 rcf
Max. load30*2.0 mL Safe-Lock Microcentrifuge Tubes
Max. density of material to be centrifuged1.2g/mL
Range of control for refrigeration-9℃ to +40℃
Refrigeration time for “Fast Cool”From 20℃ to 4℃: approx. 20min
Permitted ambient temperature during operation10℃ - 35℃
Permitted maximum relative air humidity75%
Max. kinetic energy6100 Nm
Dimensions (H*W*D)250*310*597 mm
Weight34.8 kg
Degree of pollution2



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