Molecular Bioelectronics

Molecular Bioelectronics Group


The Molecular Bioelectronics Group is working on development of electrochemical biosensors utilising specific target molecular bindings.

We develop several novel biosensors concepts that are based on the detection of changes of the solid/liquid interface impedance caused by aptamer/target binding events by utilizing liquid gate FETs, micro-fabricated or printed microelectrodes, and conventional electrochemical setups.    

Research Topics

Our recent research topics are focussed on:


Dr. Dirk Mayer


Building 02.4V / Room 2.18

+49 2461/61-4023


Molecular Bioelectronics : We develop single molecules and ensemble bio-electronic devices for the investigation and control of charge transport phenomena in and across biomolecules. These devices are operated at ambient conditions, in vacuum, and in liquids. The gained knowledge provides the basis for designing novel electronic devices and advancing electrochemical biosensors.

Aptamer sensors: DNA aptamer molecules can be utilized as receptor layer and substitute antibodies in modern biosensors. We develop new electrochemical aptamer sensors for reliable point of care detection of various biomarkers. Furthermore we aim to advance current receptor immobilization and signal amplification methods to enhance the sensor performance.

Nanostructured cell interfaces: Using large area nanoparticle pattern and 3D nanostructured substrates, we systematically screen the interactions between cell and solid surfaces with respect to the spatial dimensions such as size, distance, and pitch. Special attention is given to cell’s contact with the surfaces and how these surfaces can influence the neuron development and neurites orientation


Former Members:

Reetta Penttinen, Master Student until 11/2022

Yuchen Wei, Master Student until 05/2022

Marc Neis, Master Student until 05/2022

Yaqi Li, PostDoc until 10/2022

Bohdan Lenyk, Doctoral researcher until 08/2021

Yuanying Liang, Doctoral researcher until 01/2020

Lena Nörbel, Doctoral researcher until 03/2021

Changtong Wu, Doctoral researcher until 08/2020

Yuting Zhang, Doctoral researcher until 2020

Songyao Tang, Master Student until 11/2019

Yuanying Liang, Doctoral Researcher until 11/2019

Antonio Minopoli, Doctoral Researcher until 11/2019

Ting Guo, Academic Visitor until 10/2019

Carolin Psotta, Master Student until 03/2019

Martina Cimafonte, Doctoral Researcher until 01/2019

Ivan Kucherenko, Visiting Researcher

Ezgi Kivrak, Short-Term Exchange Student

Pengcheng Zhang, Doctoral Researcher

Anh Quang Tran, Doctoral Researcher

Maristella Coppola, Doctoral Researcher

Volker Schöps, Doctoral Researcher

Zhaozi Lyu, Doctoral Researcher

Andreea Belu, Doctoral Researcher

Prof. Lingyan Feng, Humboldt PostDoc fellow

Jasmin Spekowius, Master student

Mathis Ernst, Master student

Prof. Yaqing Liu, Guest PostDoc

Dr. Sivanesan Arumugam, Guest PostDoc

Dr. Karolina Caban, Humboldt  PostDoc

Dr. Nils Sanetra, Doctoral Researcher

Prof. Xiang Dong, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Sandra Gilles, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Zhiwei Yi, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Florian Schröper, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Daniel Schwaab, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Oliver Salomon, Doctoral Researcher

Pinggui Li, Doctoral Researcher

Feliks Pyatkov, Master Student

Stefanie Karpinski, Master Student

Martina Hitzbleck, Master Student

Nabeel Aslam, Master Student

Frank Amberger, Master Student 

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