Project MykoNANO

Magnetic nanoprobe-based mycotoxin detection in agricultural products

Project MykoNANO
Block diagram of MykoNANO project

Magnetic nanoprobe-based mycotoxin detection in agricultural productsFood processing companies in Germany must ensure that no fungal toxins (mycotoxins) get into their products. In the MykoNANO project, a rapid test based on a competitive magnetic immunoassay will be developed. The aim is to reliably test food samples for different mycotoxins within a few minutes. For this purpose, magnetic nanoprobes specifically functionalized with antibodies are added to the sample. These magnetic markers bind to the mycotoxin molecules and can be detected with a portable magnetic reader based on magnetic frequency mixing. The measurement results are displayed and documented by means of a smartphone app.

Funding Organization:

European Union and State of North Rhine Westphalia (

Project MykoNANO
Project MykoNANO

Principal Investigator: Krause, Hans-Joachim

Partner: GeneCon International GmbH, Baesweiler, Fraunhofer IME Aachen

Associated partner: Milchprüfring Bayern

Coordinator: Andrea Wambach (GeneCon International GmbH, Baesweiler)

Project start: 01.12.2018

Project end: 28.02.2022

Status: finished

Last Modified: 11.05.2022