Reimbursement of the Costs of Care Services

The cost of childcare or of care services for dependent family members can be refunded upon application.

When am I entitled to a reimbursement of the costs of care services?

The cost of childcare or care services for dependent family members incurred during business trips, professional training measures, or continuing professional development can be refunded upon application.

Conditions for reimbursement

  • The costs would not have arisen without the training measure or business trip.
  • The usual and preferred care arrangements are insufficient or cannot be utilized.
  • It is necessary to make use of care services, and the required level of care cannot be achieved at a lower cost or at no additional charge.

Childcare (for biological children, foster children, and the employee’s partner’s children living in the same household) is considered necessary until the child’s 14th birthday. In cases where the costs of care services for family members are not covered by respite or short-term care, a partial assumption of the costs by the employer is possible. Necessary conditions for this assumption of costs are the submission of the official rejection letter and proof that the family member requires care.

What are the financial implications?
Travel and accommodation costs
How is the application made and the reimbursement processed?


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Last Modified: 31.05.2022