Support in the search for childcare

The Equal Opportunities Bureau is happy to support all employees searching for short-term or regular childcare. This might concern the need for a babysitter for the afternoon or evening, a regular childcare place in a daycare centre, or another childminder solution.

Our aim is to ensure that your child is well looked after!

Who can benefit from this service?

All employees of Forschungszentrum Jülich are entitled to use this service. The Equal Opportunities Bureau actively supports employees from the Düren district who are looking for childcare options. In this area, the responsible colleagues are in contact with networks of childminders and contact persons at the youth welfare department.

For employees who live in other districts or cities, our new external service provider, pme Familienservice will offer uncomplicated and short-term support throughout Germany.
More information on pme

What does this service look like?
Are there any costs incurred?


Margaretha Wirtz

Referentin für die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Sorgearbeit Spokesperson for reconciling work and care work

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Last Modified: 31.05.2022