Family-Friendly Management

The better that employees are able to reconcile work, family, and private life, the more effectively they can fulfil their professional duties. As a senior employee, you have the special responsibility of developing individual reconciliation models together with your employees without losing sight of the professional requirements and needs of the team. Naturally, the ability to reconcile your own work, family, and private life also plays a role.

The Equal Opportunities Bureau supports you in your role as a senior employee in gaining an overview of the options available, finding instruments suited to your individual reconciliation situation, and developing a common understanding with your team (of senior employees) of the possibilities and limits of ensuring a better work–life balance in your area of responsibility.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What you can do in your role as a senior employee to give employees good support in reconciling professional and care responsibilities:

Diagram for family-friendly management: Reconciling Work and Family Life: Examining the log-term possibilities of working from home, Bringing children to business meetings, Making working hours more flexible, Avoiding time-consuming projects/ meetings in the evening, Recruiting additional employees (students, students on placement, etc.); Self-Care and Resilience: Encouraging breaks, Reducing time pressure: Clearly defining the urgency of tasks, Creating a safe work environment: Zero tolerance for discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, etc., Keeping track of overtime; Transparency: Ensuring wage transparency, Establishing clarity in communicating information and new developments, Clearly defining roles; Proactive Communication: Communicating a willingness to provide support, Clearly communicating one’s own expectations: identifying opportunities and obstacles, Giving and asking for feedback.

In addition, an overview of available measures and instruments for reconciling professional and care responsibilities can be found here:

Information for soon-to-be parents

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Information on caring for family members

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