Parental Leave & Allowance

Parental leave is a period of time completely – or at least intensively – dedicated to looking after a child. More specifically, it is a period of unpaid time off work after the birth of a child. Financial support is available from the state in the form of a parental allowance, which can be granted during parental leave if certain conditions are met.

Who is entitled to parental leave?

Mothers or fathers who wish to look after and raise their own child, a foster child or an adopted child are entitled to up to 36 months of parental leave. During parental leave, employees are not obliged to work but their employer is obliged to offer them a job of equal standing when this period expires.

Parental leave can be taken by both parents together or by each parent separately.

Up to 24 months of parental leave may be postponed until the period between the child‘s 3rd and 8th birthday, for example, to cover the child‘s first year at school.

What are the financial impliations?
How do I apply for parental leave?
New pregnancy during parental leave


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