Mitochondrial protein complexes

Mitochondrial membrane protein complexes
Image credit Luminous Lab, PDB 7o3c.

Mitochondria are metabolic organelles of eukaryotic cells, widely known as the “powerhouses of cells” due to their involvement in energy production in the form of ATP. In addition to that, mitochondria are central to the regulation of cellular homeostasis, playing a role in stress response and cell death (apoptosis) mechanisms. Mitochondrial function is therefore crucial to human health: its impairment has severe consequences particularly for organs where the energetic demand is high, such as the heart, muscles and the brain and is strongly related to ageing. Mitochondrial processes and architecture are largely maintained by protein complexes embedded in the two membranes that define the organelle and the goal of the group is to elucidate their function via the study of their structures, coupled to biochemical characterization and in vivo analysis in cells.

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