Articles 2019

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  • 50. Krueger D., Quinkler T., Mortensen S.A., Sachse C., De Renzis, S. (2019) Crosslinker regulation of actin network topology controls tissue morphogenesis. J Biol Chem 218(8):2743-2761.
  • 49. Dunin-Borkowski R.E., Mayer J., Sachse C., and Tillmann K. (2019) Introduction to a special issue on Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy in honour of Christian Colliex, Archie Howie and Hannes Lichte on the occasion of their 75th, 85th and 75th birthdays. Ultramicroscopy 203:1.
  • 48. Horos R., Büscher M., Sachse C., and Hentze M.W. Vault RNA emerges as a regulator of selective autophagy. (2019) Autophagy 15(8):1463-1464.
  • 47. Horos R., Büscher M., Kleinendorst R., Alleaume A.-M., Tarafder A.K., Schwarzl T., Dziuba D., Tischer C., Zielonka E.M., Adak A., Castello A., Huber W., Sachse C., and Hentze M.W. (2019) The Small Non-coding Vault RNA1-1 Acts as a Riboregulator of Autophagy. Cell 176(5):1054–1067.e12.
  • 46. Tarafder, A.K., Guesdon, A., Kuhm, T., Sachse, C. (2019) Recombinant Expression, Purification and Assembly of p62 Filaments. Methods Mol Biol. 1880:3-15.
  • 45. Beckers, M., Jakobi, A. J., Sachse, C. (2019) Thresholding of cryo-EM density maps by false discovery rate control. IUCr Journal 6 (1).
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