Seminar Talks

The Computational and Data Science Seminar is co-organized by the divisions "HPC in Applied Science and Engineering" and "Federated Systems and Data". Staff members and visitors report on recent papers, conferences and workshops, and on-going work.

Time: every (second) week on Tuesdays, 10:30 am

Place: BR06 (room 4024a in Building 14.14)

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Due to the Corona pandemic, the seminar is also offered as a video conference. If you want to join the seminar, please contact the organizer Xinzhe Wu.

Previous seminar talks

Talks 2024


Speaker and Title

Jan. 10

Dr. Thomas Müller (SDL Complex Particle Systems)

Matrix rank reduction schemes for multi-reference methods

Jan. 30

Orkun Sensebat (Quantum Information Processing Group)

Solving partial differential equations on a D-Wave quantum annealer

Feb. 13

Dr. Ghazal Tashakor (SDL TerrSys)

Integration of TSMP as a Key Use Case in DEEP-SEA and IO-SEA Projects: Enhancing Scalability and Automation in Heterogeneous Environments within the Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA)

Feb. 27

Mingzhao Liu (SDL Climate)

Chemistry modeling in Lagrangian particle dispersion model MPTRAC

Mar. 13


Apr. 9

Estela Suarez (Novel System Architecture Design, CASA)

Modular Supercomputing Architecture: from DEEP to JUPITER

Apr. 23


May 7

Ankit Patnala (RG Earth System Data Exploration)

Exploring Self-Supervised Learning Methods for Landcover Applications using Remote Sensing Data

May 28

TBA (SDL Neuroscience)


Jun. 11

TBA (SDL AI and ML for remote sensing)


Jun. 25

TBA (SDL Electrons & Neutrons)



Summer break

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