NEST Tutorial

24th November 2017 07:00 AM
26th November 2017 15:00 PM

by Jochen M. Eppler at Aspects of Neuroscience 2017

The neuroscientific community has high demands on the professional handling of complex software tools and frameworks in the work of PhD students. Learning to use and understand these instruments is essential for progress in research. In favor of scientific reproducibility, many journals as well demand that employed software and routines are provided or made publicly available. However, the field of computational neuroscience has reached a level where models and tools can hardly be developed by single researchers or institutes anymore. Therefore training in usage of established community software is essential. This workshop will enable students to build on the experience developed over the past decades and to benefit from the know-how implemented in the NEST - Neuronal Simulation Technology to reproducibly perform accurate simulations.

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