SDL Numerical Quantum Field Theory

The goal of the SDL Numerical Quantum Field Theory is to understand the properties of strongly interacting/correlated matter. It networks with and supports research groups on and off campus, in Germany and Europe, which perform or aim to perform large-scale simulations in the field. This determines its broad work program, where the SDL’s scientific objectives range from the study of nucleon properties to strongly correlated electronic systems, such as graphene or carbon nanostructures like carbon nanotubes. Furthermore, the SDL develops algorithms and implementations for various HPC systems, in particular for the Modular Supecomputer Architecture. The SDL organizes workshops, such as the “Lattice Practices” series and interfaces with research groups with hardware vendors in events like joint hackathons, aimed at, in particular, young researchers.


Partnering Simulation Laboratories:

The SDL maintains strong connections to two other sites with tightly coupled objectives:

CaSToRC, The Cyprus Institute

DESY, Zeuthen

Last Modified: 31.01.2024