2020 guest student programme

The 2020 guest student programme ran from 3 August to 9 October 2020 with 10 students as an online event due to the Corona pandemic.


Mapping Processes in a Multi-Domain Decomposition
Sander Reuvekamp

The ‘taskloop’ scheme in solving linear system via CG algorithm
Zhirui Tang

Graph500 performance evaluation and analysis on Intel Xeon and ARM processors
George Kanellopoulos

Troubling with Data Objects
Pouriya Miri

Optimizing of two linear solver for GPU for Carbon Nanotubes simulations
Leon Brill

Performance Test of Lattice QCD on JUWELS GPUs
Dominik Geyer

Singularities in neuronal model simulation and their mitigation
Shraddha Jain

Distributed training for reinforcement learning in multi-task scenarios
Lyuben Borislavov

DeepCovidDiagnostics: Explainable Deep Learning for Diagnosing COVID-19 via Chest X-ray Images
Turan Orenbas

DNNs for COVID19 detection - Baseline architectures and distributed transfer learning
Jan Schmidt

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