2021 guest student programme

The 2021 guest student programme ran from 2 August to 8 October 2021 with 6 students as an online event due to the corona pandemic.

Accelerating KKRnano - Green Function Based Electronic Structure Code
Cem Oran

Performance of High Performance Tensor Contraction Algorithms in Tensor Networks - An Investigation
Rahul Mananvalan

NSL (Nanosystem Simulation Library)
Anastasia Papadaki

Game Tree Implementations Using Python - Analysis of m,n,k-games
Mert Saner

JURASSIC-scatter-GPU - Accelerating Multiple Scattering for Radiation Transport
Stjepan Pozgaj

GPU-Based Optimizations for waLBerla - Porting waLBerla to CUDA task graphs
Milena Veneva

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